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Car D Lock  is a mobile vehicle locksmith specialist, offering a friendly reliable service.
We aim to help you as soon as we can.
A family run business our services are used by many reputable motoring organisations including vehicle insurance companies, local car dealerships, vehicle recovery companies, police and a number of local garages.
Back in the mid 90’s the automotive industries invented a car key chip called a transponder.
                       A transponder is a microchip found in the head of your car key which is a miniature transmitter this then                            sends a signal to an aerial (receiver) which is normally placed around the ignition barrel behind the plastic                          cowling.  The transmitter and receiver have to receive the right signal (code) to enable the engine ecu to                              start the car.
                       95% of cars from the mid 90’s and on require a new key to be programed diagnostically to start the vehicle.
                       The automotive industry also brought out a remote key fob.  Professionally known as LAZY locking and                                unlocking.  A remote key fob is an electrical unit built on to a key that enables you to push a button which                          will unlock or lock a vehicle from a certain distance and sends a frequency.  Most late vehicles will be                                  supplied with these as standard from the factory. These also need programming.
                       Most vehicles when brought new would have come with its own unique security details i.e. a key number                            and security code, the key number enables an Auto Locksmith or dealership to cut a blank key to a    
                       direct code with relevant key cutting software.
The security code enables Auto Locksmiths and dealerships to be able to program the key transponder diagnostically to the vehicle.
We are able to do all this from the back of our van on site.
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